3 Ways the Blue Moon could catalyse your sex life



Do you ever get the feeling that the people around you are acting particularly peculiar but you can’t quite put your finger on the reason? Perhaps your colleagues have an increasing pneumatic drill-like jitter about them, you’re sure that the postman who generally has the temperament of a sunbeam literally growled when you offered morning pleasantries or maybe your other half suddenly wants objects inserting into orifices which they would normally class as no-go zones.

You could even find yourself with a penchant for something entirely random and out of the blue which on an average day, you wouldn’t think twice about – ‘hello chocolate and bacon pizza, where have you been all my life?’

This unexplained strange behaviour which seems to be spreading throughout those around you faster than a zombie outbreak in a roller disco may actually be down to something you’d never even considered, the moon.

Lunar cycles have the power to influence the huge bodies of water on our planet that is our oceans and seas, with human beings’ molecular structure comprised of an average of 60% water, why couldn’t we also be affected with the moon’s comings and goings? Currently right now we are also experiencing the daddy of all lunar cycles – the blue moon, where within one month we experience two full moons, the second being a ‘blue moon’. It’s ok, your postman, your nan, your cousin twice removed and yourself are not werewolves, no matter how much of a suspicious ‘fur’ your nan seems to grow on her chin or how you’ve caught the sharp end of your postie’s snarl.

So the big ol’ heavenly body up there is making everyone especially weird and kinky…why not embrace it? There’s plenty of reasons why you should.

Broaden your mind…and body

You find yourself slack-jawed and salivating at the most random of things that are very wide of your normal palate. Mmmn there’s that tinned spam stowed away at the back of your kitchen cupboard never to see the light of day until the next millennia when humanoids are searching for relics of their human ancestors and your can of preserved meat is their closest reference to the 21st century diet. Whilst you’re normally a Schwarzenegger fan, suddenly you are straying out of your Netflix ‘most recommended’ to Sense & Sensibility…what the deuce?

Take advantage of your newly broadened taste and try something fresh within your sexual adventures. Sure, you may not usually appreciate the feeling of a feather duster titillating your nipples but why not acquire the taste whilst it feels oh so magical right now as it makes you want to sing like a canary down a mineshaft.

The more you reach out over the sexual spectrum, the more you will edge your feelers out and like what you feel. No doubt with this sampling of new sexual flavours, you are at some point likely stumble across something which makes you jump back and exclaim ‘Well that’s not my cup of tea!’. No worries, at least now you know that you prefer to swerve on that particular activity. Experience is wisdom, you can now go forward in life and are able to say I tried it and have the wisdom for it, (and seriously hot memories for the ‘wank-bank’).

Everybody now

The Blue Moon ends with the second full moon on the 31st of January which still gives you plenty of time to organise a hook-up! With everyone so bloody horny and kinky right now it is the perfect timing for a bits-bashing blowout. If your situation doesn’t permit hosting one yourself then keep an eye out for fellow members’ own sexual one-on ones. If you haven’t seen the person’s face from their profile or otherwise prior to meeting, it may be best when searching the site to venture out of your hometown so that you’re less likely to ‘bump’ into someone you know for your hook-up. Imagine Moira from across the street turning up to your meet. She’s lovely and feeds your cats when you’re on holiday but you really don’t fancy feeding her pussy (or then again maybe you do).

More, more, more

More is definitely not less, more is more! The more you have, the more kinky fun you will want and that’s not only good for the soul, the physical benefits of sex that’s not so ‘in a blue moon’ kind of frequency are countless and will flow out into other areas of your life like at work. Imagining your heinous supervisor as a giant waddling penis no longer seems to be cutting it for you as a coping mechanism, the memories of a vigorous session the night before may very well take the edge of and give you the motivational firepower to get through the rest of your day unscathed.

Let’s not forget that it boosts your immune system, ‘a shag a day keeps the doctor at bay’ is the new and improved version of that old adage, no make that ‘three shags a day keep the doctor at bay’ if you’re feeling especially saucy.

We love the blue moon and most likely so do you, you may just not have known it until now. So embrace this amorous and magical next few weeks by trying out that fantasy that seems to have poked it’s horny little head into your consciousness and is calling out your name with a beckoning finger. We’re betting you won’t look back!



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