Daddy fucks his little girl.

Hereditary Issues

It had always perplexed me on why why my parents had divorced when I was a kid.  My dad always told me that she had a lot of things to work out and she couldn’t handle them while with him.  I had never seen my mom again after I was five which never seemed to be a big issue until I hit puberty.  I noticed that every month that I had this strange hunger in me that I couldn’t seem to understand.  One day I followed that urge with a boy at school which ended up with me losing my virginity and getting suspended because I “violated him to tears.”  My father seemed really concerned and took me to the doctor to check me out.  The doctor ran several test and scans and finally pulled me and my father into his office saying a bunch of words I didn’t fully understand but one thing stood out was that they said I had the same condition as my mother.  To put it simply it turns out that every month for several days when I’m ovulating I will go into a sex crazed rampage.  My father seemed very concerned  at this news and hardly talked to me on the ride home.

As the months went on my dad found ways to secure me for those days that I would be “in heat” so I couldn’t escape and try to have sex with random men.  He had barred my window and would handcuff me to my bed and  lock my bedroom door.  I wouldn’t be allowed to go to school for those days for obvious reasons.  I was locked up like one of those people in those werewolf movies.  For several months it had worked but I could feel it getting worse every month as my lust wasn’t satiated.  I came to an understanding with my condition over the time, things like that it was almost like I had a split personality and I wouldn’t fully remember everything that I did while in heat.  I would turn into another person as I pleaded my father to let me out, but he would always ignore my petty attempts of bartering my way out.  It was completely hopeless for the other me to escape, at least that’s what we thought.

One night I had escaped my binds and room, I pushed open the door hunting for cock any cock I could find.  The door creaked as I pushed open the door to my father’s room, through the crack I could see him shift as he heard the door.  My heart pounded wildly seeing him stare into the dark as he sat up, the moment seemed to last forever and my pussy burned wildly as I waited.  He finally lied back down and I waited a couple more minutes for him to go back to sleep before I decided to slip in.  I slipped off my shirt as I slowly approached the bed unable to form any other thought than my need to fuck.  I stopped mere feet from the bed as I slowly slid off my panties, the cool night air brushed against my wet pussy as my soaked panties left my body.  I reached out and clicked on the lamp next to his bed to get a good look at him as I ripped the sheets off the bed revealing my naked father.  My father was caught off guard and I pounced on him before he could even react.

I straddled his hips tightly trying to keep him in place with my small frame.  My father yelled at me for me to stop and tried to sit up, his strict words fell on deaf ears as I continued to rub my dripping hairless pussy on his naked cock.  Grabbing my small body he tried to pull me off of him but I slipped through his grip and leaned in close, “come on daddy, just let me rub on it for a while…”  I ran my fingers through his hair looking into his eyes as I whispered to him.  “I won’t put it in, I just need to feel it against me…” I panted out eagerly.  He lied back down disdainfully allowing me to continue.  I smiled as I hugged him close and ground my wet pussy against my fathers slowly hardening cock.  My father watched me cautiously unsure if I was going to try anything.  I panted at the feeling of my fathers large hardening cock pressing against my drooling slit as I ground it up and down his length.  My father’s cock was almost fully erect and I couldn’t control myself anymore.  I reached down between our hips and skillfully directed his cock head at my tight slit and pressed down immediately.  My father grabbed my ass instantly as his cock head almost penetrated me and began to scold me for breaking my word.  I panted at him in a lustful haze, “Daddy please, it either yours or someone else and I’d rather it be you…”  He hesitated for a moment and I took the opportunity to slam my hips down forcefully.  His large cock slid deep inside me and bottomed out painfully, I wasted no time and began to ride his cock wildly.  My father was surprised and sat up to stop me and I pushed him back down before he could get any leverage to stop me.

He lied back and looked at me in shock for a moment as he had never seen me quiet like this up close.  I was lost in my lust completely entranced with the feeling of his long hot cock pressing deep inside me stretching my tight hole.  Each thrust I pushed back onto his cock I tried to get even more of his cock into my hungry folds.  I could see my father loosing himself through my lustful haze as his eyes rolled back feeling his cock slam my womb.  I placed my hands across his chest to brace myself in case he ever came back to his senses.  He almost seemed to relax at this point and I began to ride him wilder.  With his cock pressed fully into me I ground my hips against his feeling his long cock thrash my insides and slamming my g-spot.

My body was out of control feeling him abusing my insides so deeply that couldn’t stop myself from crying out.  My eyes rolled back as I came on my fathers cock spraying all over his hips as I cried out in ecstasy.  My pussy pulsed on his long member and I continued grinding my hips ever hungry for more.

My father tried to sit up and I pushed him back down thinking he was trying to stop me again.  Suddenly grabbing me by the hips and swinging himself on top of me, my father grab me by the wrists and pinned me to the bed.  My eyes opened wide surprised at his sudden dominance but I couldn’t help but squeal and smile with excitement.

“You want to fuck?  I’ll treat you like a fucking slut, my own toy you little bitch!” He growled at me as he fucked me hard.  His hand slid up my throat and squeezed firmly making it hard for me to breath.

His thrusts were harsh as he pummeled my insides, he would slide almost all the way out and immediately slam back down forcing his full length into me.  My pussy burned with desire feeling this new dominance in my father as he dominated me.  Continuing to fuck me he grabbed me by the hair and forced me to look at him.  I opened my mouth as I saw him stick his tongue out and he slowly moved in close pressing or mouths together.  I licked his tongue like a hungry slut feeling his intrusive cock head slamming my cervix.  I moaned out loudly feeling my climax building yet again from his abuse.  He pulled back with a smile on his face and let me speak.

“D-Daddy! I’m gonna… Gonna…” I gasped at this thrusts.

“Gonna what you slut!?” he demanded almost thrusting with each word, each harder than the last.

“I’m gonna cum!” I cried out hastily.

“Good! Beg me to breed you, you little slut!” my father growled at me.

“Breed me DADDYYYYYY!”  I cried out feeling my father slam into me as hard as he could.  My back arched instinctively as I felt his bulbous cock head spew copious amounts of his potent seed into my unprotected pussy.  He continued to thrust into me feeling my hungry pussy suck on his long shaft, trying to milk his cock dry.  I squealed out every time he pressed into me as if he was trying to break my cervix open.

My body shook in a post orgasmic haze as my father collapsed on top of me with his cock still inside me.  We panted heavily as my father whispered into my ear, “Looks like I’m locking you in my room next time you’re in heat…”

I laughed in agreement and locked my legs behind my fathers back.  Looking my father in the eyes I said eagerly, “so when’s round two…?” He smiled at me as he began pumping his cock into my cum filled pussy.

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